Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics

Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics
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Papers presented in proceedings

Šimurda D., Bodnár T.: Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics 2020, Prague, 2020, 268 pages, ISBN 978-80-87012-74-1, ISSN 2336-5781
001Chashechkin Y. D., Prokhorov E.:
Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Acoustics of Free Falling Drop Impact at a Motionless Fluid
002Chashechkin Y. D., Zagumennyi I. V.:
Natural Unsteadiness of the Flow Pattern Around a Plate in Numerical Simulation and Laboratory Modeling
003Čížek M., Vampola T., Popelka L.:
Comparison of Labyrinth Seal Calculation and Real Aircraft Turbine Engine Measurement
004Clément J.-B., Golay F., Ersoy M., Sous D.:
Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Richards Equation
005Crha J., Kašpar O., Basařová P.:
CFD Simulation of a Sub-Millimeter Rising Bubble in a Stagnant Liquid
006Deuring P., Kračmar S., Nečasová Š.:
Recent Results on the Problem of Motion of Viscous Fluid Around a Rotating Rigid Body
007Dimitrieva N., F.:
Calculation of Nonuniform Fluid Flows in a Gravity Field
008Duda D.:
Individual Vortex Searching Algorithm
009Duriez J., Galusinsky C.:
Level Set Representation on Octree for Granular Material with Arbitrary Grain Shape
010Flídr E., Kladrubský M., Jelínek T.:
Unsteady Pressure Measurement in an End-Wall Region of a Linear Blade Cascade
011Hlavatý T., Isoz M., Plachá M., Šourek M., Koćí P.:
Geometrically Realistic Macro-Scale Model for Multi-Scale Simulations of Catalytic Filters for Automotive Gas Aftertreatment
012Ilinykh A. Yu.:
Fine Structure Distribution of Immiscible Fluid at The Drop Impact to Fluid Surface
013Isoz M., Šourek M.:
POD-DEIM-Based Model Order Reduction for Four-Way Coupled Fluid-Solid Flows
014Korinek T., Tisovsky T., Hujer J., Zimmerman K.:
Partially-Averaged Navier-Stokes Simulation of the Flow Around Circular Cylinder at Re=3900: Comparison of Low and High Reynolds Number Approaches
015Kouba J., Novotný J., Nožička J.:
Laser-Induced Kernel Visualisation by OH* Chemiluminescence Method
016Kuzmina K., Marchevsky I., Soldatova I.:
The High-Accuracy Numerical Scheme for the Boundary Integral Equation Solution in 2D Lagrangian Vortex Method With Semi-Analytical Vortex Elements Contribution Accounting
017Levý T., Vimmr J.:
Developing Fully-Coupled Density-Based Solver for Turbulent Compressible Fluid Flows in OpenFOAM
018Louda P., Příhoda J.:
Study on Performance of Various Turbulent Heat Transfer Closures
019Marchevsky I.K., Kuzmina K. S., Ryatina E. P.:
Flow Simulation around a Circular Cylinder for Low Reynolds Numbers and Determining the Flow Separation Point in VM2D Code
020Marchevsky I.K., Shcheglov G.A., Dergachev S. A.:
On the Algorithms for Vortex Element Evolution Modelling in 3D Fully Lagrangian Vortex Loops Method
021Marušić – Paloka E., Pažanin I., Radulović M.:
On The Lubrication of a Rotating Shaft with Incompressible Micropolar Fluid
022Pech J.:
Laminar-Turbulent Transition in View of Flow Separation from Isothermal and Heated Cylinder
023Pires M., Bodnár T.:
On the Influence of Diffusion Stabilization in Oldroyd-B Fluid Flow Simulations
024Ringstad K. M., Khalili M. E., Müller B.:
High Order Immersed Boundary Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction of Viscous Compressible Flowwith a Rigid Body
025Schiavon M., Tampieri F., Caggio M., Bodnár T.:
The Effect of Submeso Motions on Second-Order Moment Budgets in the Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer
026Shmigirilov R., Ryabinin A.:
Influence of End Plates on Rotational Oscillations of a Rectangular Cylinder
027Šidlof P., Lasota M.:
Aeroacoustic Simulation of Human Phonation with the Wale Sub-Grid Scale Model
028Šourek M., Isoz M.:
Development of CFD Solver for Four-Way Coupled Particle-Laden Flows
029Straka P., Příhoda J.:
Modification of the Algebraic Transition Model for Wall Roughness Effect Including a Rough Strip
030Sváček P.:
Simulation of Interaction of the Airflow with Vocal Folds Vibration Considering the Vocal Folds Contact
031Uruba V., Procházka P., Skála V.:
On the 3D Dynamics of the Wake Behind a Circular Cylinder
032Varnhorn W.:
A Lagrangian Approach for Weak Solutions of the Navier-Stokes Equations
033Zemach T.:
On Gravity Currents over a Porous Floor in Power-Law Cross-Section Channels
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