Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics


Letter of Invitation

Should you need visa, please download the Letter of Invitation - form (below), fill in the required information and send it to the conference contact email. Confirmed and signed letter of invitation will be sent back to you by mail. In your email with filled in form, please state whether you are planing to pay the conference fee before confirmed letter of invitation is sent back to you.
Please note that either fulltext article should be uploaded or a conference fee should be paid before the letter of invitation is confirmed and sent. In the latter case, sentence stating payment of conference fee will be included in the invitation letter. This may increase chance of getting the visa. Payment is considered done when the amount specified on the webpage is assigned to the conference account. Please do not forget to add your three digit id to the entry of the payment (792038xxx, where xxx is your id).

icon doc Letter of Invitation - form [zip]

Other documents

Below, you may also download Schengen Visa Application Form.
For further information on visa and further documents required such as confirmation of sufficient funding, confirmation of arranged accommodation, etc. please refer to the official web page of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in your country.

icon doc Schengen Visa Application Form [zip]

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